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About Kids ‘n’ Cancer

Kids n Cancer LogoThis charity is designed to help children to get life saving treatment for their cancers and tumours. It is a sad fact of life that some children diagnosed with cancer do not qualify for funding in certain situations by the National Health Service.

Kids’n'Cancer and our Patrons are determined to assist families caught up in this sad situation of not meeting the criteria, we will always try to assist where possible.

We believe that every child with cancer deserves the opportunity to beat their illness, the statistics show that one in three people will suffer with cancer and whilst it is always sad it is doubly distressing when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

The children should be enjoying their life and looking forward to growing up doing the type of things that we all did as children such as playing in the park, playing football, playing with other children and generally enjoying their lives. It is always distressing to see children lying in hospital beds and being treated for cancer.

It is also very difficult for families when their child is undergoing cancer treatment and this charity is designed to assist these families to reach their goals and in the hope that their child will beat their cancer and to return to a normal way of life, doing the things that children do.

Kids ‘n’ Cancer Founder, Mike Hyman

Kids 'n' Cancer Charity founder, Mike HymanWhy did I decide to set up KIDS ‘N’ CANCER UK?

Well, the inspiration came to me early in 2010 when I chaired an appeal to raise funds for a 13 year old boy with prostate cancer to get him to the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute (UFPTI) in Jacksonville Florida for proton therapy.

His mother had appealed for help to raise the funds to enable this to happen.

Unfortunately he became too ill to travel and on the advice of his Oncologist he received radio therapy in this country instead.
Having been involved in raising funds in the past (mainly brain tumour cases) it is clear that no charity covers this unique situation.

It is no easy task to raise between one hundred and two hundred thousand pounds for these families who are trying to improve the chance that their loving child will beat their cancer and therefore live.

Seeing the heartbreak and stress that families go through has made me determined to do all in my power to ensure this situation does not happen again.

Hence, KIDS ’N’ CANCER UK was born.

I then visited the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute to research the treatment and have to tell you I was amazed at the success rate of this treatment.

I was fortunate to meet several patients with different types of cancer who were given very little chance to beat their illness with conventional methods such as radio therapy.

The care that they are receiving is of the highest order, everyone is so positive. You can just feel the love of this place. It is very special.

Seeing and talking to these patients and the specialists who are treating them was amazing and truly inspirational. If ever I am unfortunate enough to get prostate cancer, I’M OFF TO JACKSONVILLE!!!

Hopefully you will find this publication informative and helpful and that it inspires you to fight for your loved one and gives hope for your child’s future.

Good luck and best wishes,

Mike Hyman, Founder, Kids ‘n’ Cancer UK
Master of Ceremonies and Celebrant
Freeman of the City of London
Member of the National Association of Toastmasters
Member of the A.O.I.C.
Fellowship of Professional Celebrants


To Download our 68 page book explaining all about Kids ‘n’ Cancer and what we can do, click the two links below:
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