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A Red Carpet Night At The CASA

Dec 04, 2012 01:08 pm

Kids ‘n’ Cancer held a successful and glamorous ‘red carpet’ themed inaugural ball at the CASA Hotel in Chesterfield on 24th November 2012.

Kids n Cancer Patron Bobby Davro with the Showgirls
Pic © The Chesterfield Post

The evening, hosted by Keeley Barugh, saw guests greeted by Vegas Showgirls and celebrities including Bobby Davro (above) and stars of Emmerdale, Rik Makarem and Adam Thomas were in attendance, along with local dignitaries including the Mayor and Deputy Mayoress of Chesterfield - Cllr Donald Parsons and Mrs Barbara WallaceUEFA Vice President Geoff Thompsonwho lives Chesterfield was also there.

Some of the Tower to Tower to Tower challenge team present a £64000 cheque to Mike Hyman
Pic © Derbyshire Photographic

Auctions and raffles raised thousands throughout the evening – with the total raised from the ‘Tower to Tower to Tower’ bike ride (pictured above) announced as a staggering £64,000 – and a guitar, donated by Patron Mick Abrahams (below) of Jethro Tull and signed by Mick himself, Elliott Randall and Rick Wakeman, raised £700 and will stay in Chesterfield.

Mick Abrahams plays the signed guitar auctioned later in the evening raising £700
Pic © Derbyshire Photographic

Founder of the charity Mike Hyman, who was born in Inkersall – pictured below with wife June and Patron Bobby Davro - said he was “delighted with the evening” and “very proud of the people of Chesterfield”, who had done so much for the children who need help and their families who need support during a terribly difficult time, “It’s been an absolutely fantastic night, well supported and a full house – absolutely first class.

Kids n Cancer patron Bobby Davro with Charity Founder Mike Hyman and wife June
Pic © Derbyshire Photographic

“It just shows that this charity belongs in Chesterfield and we are very proud to be here in my hometown. Jjust wonderful support from wonderful people from a wonderful town.

“We have incredible support from Geoff Thompson and The Mayor, it could be so easy for them to just say they’re busy but they don’t, they always turn up and support.

“The charity is strong in it’s aims and beliefs and it is achieving what it needs to achieve to get the life saving treatment which the children richly deserve.”

The most emotional part of the evening came from testimonies by families who had been helped by Kids’n'Cancer and who said that the support and help received by them “meant everything”

Bradley Marshall, Jessica Howarth and Brandon Bell receive some gifts from founder Mike Hyman
Pic © Derbyshire Photographic

Sara and Brandon Bell (above right) had spent time in America whilst Brandon had treatment and Sara told guests, “Kids’n'Cancer mean everything to us. We didn’t get any funding from the NHS as Brandon was 12 when he got diagnosed with the brain tumour. Mike came along and he helped us to raise the money. In three weeks, I raised £200,000 as Brandon needed the surgery in the US.

“Two years on, Brandon, if he hadn’t had the help from Mike and all those who helped us, wouldn’t be the boy you see today. I was on my own during the time in the US and I can remember sitting on the laptop telling my husband that Brandon had just gone into surgery and up popped Mike – he’d actually stayed with me whilst Brandon had his surgery. I’ll always be in debt to Mike and June, his wife, and Kids’n'Cancer.”

Dawn and Bradley Marshall (above left) told guests that 11 year old Bradley could not have functioned without Kids’n'Cancer, “We can never express our gratitude enough. Imagine being told that your 10 year old has cancer and then to be told that the best treatment is only available in the US – but he’s 3 months too old to qualify for the treatment – it’s soul destroying!

“It was at that point that Kids’n'Cancer came into our lives. Mike assured us that he would get Bradley to the US and was with us all the way. Without Mike’s moral support, I think myself and my husband would have had a meltdown.

“We were lucky that the NHS did help us but Kids’n'Cancer helped us to stay together as a family. Kids’n'Cancer is not like any other charity out there – they make it personal and they’re with you every step of the way.

“What does Kids’n'Cancer mean to me? Everything!”

The Mayor of Chesterfield paid tribute to Mike, saying, “It’s a good night for a Chesterfield charity and a big thank you to Mike for keeping the charity here and helping these children and their families.”

One of the children from Chesterfield helped by the charity, Jessica Howarth, (below) is from Chesterfield and suffers from Leukaemia. She is hoping to be in remission in January and was thrilled to be asked to the ball where she met the stars of Emmerdale, Rik Makarem (Nikhil Sharma) (below right) and Adam Thomas (Adam Barton) (below left).

Emmerdale stars Adam Thomas and Rik Makarem with Jessica Howarth
Pic © Chesterfield Post

Rik Makarem, is from Chesterfield and said he was honoured to be asked to attend, “I’m very proud of the town and it’s great that we’re liberating the cause in Chesterfield. It’s overwhelming to see the support and how they’ve embraced this cause, so I think it’s important that we stay positive and promote the name so that it can good works for the future.

“I do a lot of work for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and the Macmillan Cancer Support. At Emmerdale, we’re very fortunate that different charities want to work with us and Emmerdale can help to deliver that message and it’s important that we do well.”


Original story by the The Chesterfield Post
All pictures © and courtesy of Derbyshire Photographic and The Chesterfield Post  as stated



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